Director - Dominic Repenning



Sail Away


It's very common to be puzzled these days, where friendships are established on the internet, outer appearance helps to decides whether to get a facebook invite to the hippest, seemingly most vital party or not. Old fashioned values and courtesies, like honest friendship, sincerity, and closeness to other people have been been replaced with countless handshakes, small talk and staged photos on Instagram.

In a confused generation where nobody actually knows anymore, and true friendship is a rare trait, it's good to shut your smartphone down from time to time in order to think about what truly makes you happy in the long term.

In our Tale the actress is lost in a world of superficiality and fast love. Sadly her own dilemma is transmitted to the faith and pointlessness of our chief character, who tries to take his own life.

It's time to sail away...


Executive Producer

Clemens Milan Polywka

Director Dominic Repenning

DP Jannik Nolte